Vida family wine estate

Péter | During my high school years, my family bought a 2000 sqm property in Bakta, in a wonderful location than in former times could not have been bought, only inherited. As I had studied viticulture, it was primarily I, along with my brother and sister, who cultivated the vines. I decided to enter the family-produced Kadarka wine in a local competition, using my father's name, without telling anyone. Then one Sunday morning, my father was reading the local newspaper, which featured a headline announcing that Sándor Vida's Kadarka wine had won first place. My father was a very strict man, but his eyes filled up with tears upon seeing that headline. He hugged me and said, "Just wait, the Lord will thank you for this." These words from my father further reinforced me in my choice of becoming a winemaker.

Ágnes | We were already engaged with Péter when he broke the news, announcing that he had reserved a property in Bakta; we therefore spent the first years of our marriage planting vines. The vines slowly grew, along with our children, and the estate progressively developed alongside much planning and long conversations. There is nothing more rewarding than sipping wine with the family on balmy summer nights, surrounded by the smell of lavender and rose.

Peti | I have made my decision. It was a very hard one, as my parents never really pushed me towards winemaking. What they did instil in me was the value of never settling for mediocre in life. After studying economics, I took part in the manager training programme of an international firm in Ireland. Although I was doing alright, something was nevertheless missing, and I came home after one year. I spent two years working for and advertising firm. Although I was doing alright, something was nevertheless missing. I came home.

Kata | Despite seeing more of law books recently than vine scissors, I have nothing but love and respect for grapes and wine, so I play my part whenever I can. Representing our business at wine festivals has long been a part of my life, and I absolutely love it. Tasting, showing our wines to others, introducing them to our wines, discussing wine... as to which will win between the law books and the vine scissors, the odds may be on the side of the latter...

Zsuzsi | Our first bottled wine is almost the same age as I am. I was born only a few months before the date when my father purchased his first bottling machine, in February 1990, sealing the fate of our family. I am currently in my third year of university studies at the University of Economics of Pécs, in the English course, and although I have never felt pressure from my parents, I will start viticulture and winemaking studies at the University of Pécs this year.