Vida family wine estate

Bakta Vineyard - map

The Bakta Vineyard has been renowned since old times. There was a saying that property could never be bought here, only inherited.

The Bakta territory is situated at the junction of the flatland and hills, close to the heart of the city. It is oriented towards the South-East, so the rising sun shines down early on the vines, drying the first drops of the dew which plays an important role in the vine's protection against disease. It is in this vineyard that the first buds on the grapevine open each year.

We highly value this last hectare of unified land of the Bakta, and have planted one hectare of Merlot, and it is here that we established the central building of our estate.

Baranya Valley Vineyard - map

The valley is surrounded by forest, where every morning the sound of birds fills the air. The terraced plantation is oriented towards the South, and is thus suited perfectly to red wine. The first rays of sunlight hit it around 6 a.m., bathing the area in sunlight all day. One and a half hectares of Cabernet Franc and half a hectare of Kékfrankos cover this area.

Csötönyi Valley Vineyard - map

This valley, situated in front of the Baranya Valley, runs North to South. At the end, the hill closes off from the North, so the sun shines into the long valley from the South, elevating its temperature at an early time. The area slopes slightly downwards, oriented more towards the South-West. The young Pinot Noir plantation, one year old, is composed of French clones, and is the main component of our rosé.

Hidaspetre Vineyard - map

Our largest unified vineyard is accessible via a narrow opening, which then opens up, forming a completely closed and protected valley system. The area is characterised by a very high amount of heat, which translates into high sugar levels in autumn.

Recently, we have planted a three hectare of Kékfrankos oriented towards the east, to the four and a half hectares of Cabernet Franc, and one and a half hectare of Kékfrankos found on the terraces facing South.

Lisztes Valley Vineyard - map

Genuine Szekszárd rolling hills, oriented towards the South, bathed in the sun from early morning until late in the evening. The old, traditionally cultivated Kadarka plantation - 90-95 years old - does not require yield restriction, as the generative and vegetative states are finely balanced for this type of grapevine.

The area has high genetic value as well, as an interesting Kadarka cloning experiment was launched here, carried out over several years by the Pécs Viticulture and Winemaking Research Institute.

We are constantly replenishing this one hectare vineyard with the best grapevines from this area. We hope that in a few years, it will become a traditionally cultivated Kadarka vineyard, richly covered with grapevines.

Virághegy Vineyard - map

Our vineyard with the most beautiful orientation. This is an exceptional piece of land, the place of origin of Virághegy Kadarka, which has since become a notion in itself. The six hectare hillside, oriented towards the South and open towards the East and the West, is constantly swept by the wind, which we just only discovered, having begun preparing the area's cultivation. What will be planted here is a secret…we already envision what it will be.